Tasty pancakes with a light salad

You will need
  • - milk
  • - wheat and oat flour
  • - eggs
  • - salt
  • - greenery
  • - cucumber
  • - sour cream
  • - some vegetable oil
This recipe for delicious pancakes with salad will appeal to those who follow the figure, but loves baking. For cooking pancakes you need a lot of greens. Use spinach, parsley, dill, green onion and some mint leaves. If you have any other greens, take it. Light and healthy salad for pancakes will turn out on the basis of maximum use of greens.
Prepare a pancake salad. Wash the cucumber and chop it. Wash the herbs thoroughly and dry them a little. Then chop finely, mix with cucumber, salt a little and put a small amount of filling on the pancake. Add a couple of spoons of sour cream and tie a pancake with a bag. To keep the pancake from falling apart, use a feather onion.
Delicious pancakes with salad can be cooked a little by changing the filling. Cheese, eggs will make the dish more satisfying.

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