Teen Room: Design Tips

A teen room is a multifunctional space. It is also a bedroom, a playroom, and a place to study. Proper division into zones will ensure comfortable living and convenience in work. When you design a room teenager, it is important to consider all his wishes and preferences. The design should completely suit him. If the child actively participates in the creation of the interior, this will be the most beneficial option for everyone, because guessing his tastes is often more difficult than, for example, organizing the construction of stands for the exhibition.

The first thing you need to choose when you make a room is a bed, which is best to choose a bed with an orthopedic mattress or a sofa. The study area should be the lightest in the room. From the general space it can be protected with shelves for textbooks. If the room is small, then it is better to combine this area with the dressing room, separating it with the help of a wardrobe.

Basic design details

The adolescent's desire for self-expression necessarily manifests itself in the desire to decorate the interior of the room in accordance with their individual worldview. It is not worth reviewing his creative plans, but if a teenager’s ideas about the perfect interior are too extravagant, it’s better to limit them. If a child, for example, wants to see the walls of his room in black, then you can compromise and make one wall black and make the rest in more neutral colors. The winning option will be the style of the room, reflecting the teenager's hobbies (sports, music, etc.).

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