Thai dessert, which caused fierce debate on the Internet.

In the province of Patmukhtani, north of Bangkok, there is one confectionery store "Wilaiwan" with enterprising and not very conscientious owners. They developed and launched a new delicacy for sale, which after the announcement in social networks caused tens of thousands of reposts and comments. The world is rapidly divided into two camps: those who dream of trying a novelty and those who have a loathsome thought that one can stick into a "this" dessert spoon. And the business of the Thais is slowly going.

Immediately explain: about any cruel treatment of animals and there is no question. There is not a single gram of meat, it is just coconut pudding, a traditional Thai dish that is usually served in the form of strange flowers. But the sticky mass can be given any shape - it is not known what the authors of this dessert were guided by, but they chose the image of puppies. And taking into account the miniature dimensions of a portion ... of unborn puppies? Phew, how disgusting.But it seems?

Pudding is pudding, it is delicious and comes with different sauces, both in color and filling. The main dish is laid on a bed of multi-colored jelly and is sold for 25 Thai baht $ 0.7. While the Internet is arguing whether it is ethical to bite it, the novelty is in demand among ordinary customers in the shop.

The chef Mi-Nguyen does not hide that he is counting on the viral advertising effect of his invention. Judging by the technological process, the pudding could also be served in a colorless form, but no, it was specially watered with sticky, mucous syrup to create the proper effect. And one of the first photos of the dessert was signed at all in the spirit of “AAAAA! Puppy pudding! And someone is going to gobble it up! AAA! ” A great way to control zoopielders and get attention, but what?


Yes, it really is eaten and praised. Pudding same.

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