The abilities of the Japanese smart toilet shock anyone

They say that any European in Japan is most shocked by neither the country's culture, nor the sumo wrestling, but the toilet bowls. They are everywhere, even in the forest. In 1968, the Prime Minister decided to relieve his people from the morning stress. The fact is that in Japan, the toilets are not heated and every morning the whole country sat on a cold toilet seat with its ass. This business was corrected and went-went. Here is the story of an impressed eyewitness.

The lid of the toilet was heated to the temperature of my body. The air was refreshed with built-in air conditioning (22 ′ C). When I approached, the lid automatically rose and began to play soft music, introducing me to a state of bliss. After the end of the process, a small telescopic bar gradually moved out from the bottom and a neat stream of warm water washed out everything that the Europeans cleaned with toilet paper. After that, the stream of warm air from the hair dryer built into the toilet dried me up.

Water smoothly, without sound, removed the products of my life activity, leaving a dazzling-white surface of the earthenware. Then the toilet politely told me something in Japanese.(I probably thanked him for his pleasant acquaintance and wished me continued success in digestion.) Unfortunately, I could not support an interesting conversation - my knowledge in Japanese is limited to four phrases, none of which is of interest to the earthenware. Yes, I almost forgot. During the process, the toilet bowl created a slight underpressure beneath me, letting air through the built-in cleaning system. So the air in the toilet was ... how to put it right ... unspoiled. By the way, two days later I met a toilet, which also deodorized the atmosphere. I chose the smell of pine groves.

Toilet bowls in Japan are not just plumbing, but the subject of a kind of cult. In any department store in a specialized department, rows of computerized products of respected Japanese toilet brands are drawn in rows: Toto, Inax and Matsushita Electric (recognizable by the huge Panasonic inscription). The cause of the cult was simply explained by Inax marketing director Masashiro Iguchi:“In the Japanese house, the only place where you can sit quietly alone is the toilet.”. And the toilet in it - the main center of entertainment.

Modern Japanese toilet bowls can do a lot.Matsushita products changes the temperature in the toilet by 7 degrees in half a minute and massages the buttocks with warm water jets. The top-of-the-line Inax models are equipped with two stereo speakers on both sides of the seat and a slot for flash memory with your favorite MP3 tunes. Toilets come with five accompaniment options: bird singing, relaxation music, classical music, the sound of a waterfall or a traditional Japanese harp.

But the Toto toilet has surpassed everyone under the affectionate name WellyouII: a small mechanical manipulator with a spoon takes a urine test, automatically tracking sugar levels. For such mechanical hands with spoons the future. Soon they will not only take a urine test. The fact is that, equipping toilets with high-quality acoustics, you will not increase sales sharply. On the other hand, the population of Japan is rapidly aging, and more and more people need constant medical monitoring. In the near future, the “big toilet trio” will launch toilets on the market - home medical centers that will measure blood pressure. And the lid is to weigh to the nearest gram.

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