The bartender from the "Kitchen": "I do not like multicolored cocktails"

Viktor Khoriniak, who plays the role of bartender Kostik in the TV series “Kitchen” on the CTC, spoke a little about himself and his hero.
The actors of the series "Kitchen"
Nastya and Kostya: actors Olga Kuzmina and Victor Khorinyak
Photo: actor's personal archive
Victor, are you similar in character to Kostya?
Viktor Khorinyak (Viktor Khorinyak)

I like my hero, and I am glad that I resemble him in some way. He has very nice features to me: he is a reserved, patient and kind person. Probably everyone should strive to have more of these qualities. But I personally, in half of the situations in which he falls, would have acted rather sharply a long time ago. I differ in life less kindness and smiling.

Were there any funny situations on the set of the season that is on air now?
Viktor Khorinyak (Viktor Khorinyak)

We couldn’t shoot one scene for half an hour: the situation is such that in the restaurant’s hall, on the table, there is a corpse with a mixer in one interesting place. The mixer is working ... Imagine, the kitchen appliance worked in a live actor!

And who had the hardest?
Viktor Khorinyak (Viktor Khorinyak)

It seems to me that the most difficult and interesting work was for make-up girls. They did such incredible things with our images! My colleagues did not recognize me on the set. And in the photos from the shooting I was not even recognized by relatives and friends!

Your Kostya is a strong character in all respects. He never succumbs to life difficulties?
Viktor Khorinyak (Viktor Khorinyak)

That's right, but we are all people with our weaknesses. And sometimes we do not understand where we can break. And how my unfortunate Konstantin will cope with this shaft of housework, we will see.

Kostya can be called a happy father?
Viktor Khorinyak (Viktor Khorinyak)

Yes, he is an absolutely happy person. In moments of revelation, when a person does not hide what is on his mind and heart, he thinks and speaks only of his son and family. We speak at such moments only about the most important thing in our life. And then Bones life priorities become obvious to everyone.

How will the relationship of Bones and Nastya continue?
Viktor Khorinyak (Viktor Khorinyak)

They have already developed enough! Now everything is twisted around the child. And believe me, this opens up a whole cosmos of new plot twists, not worse than any novels and lovers.

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