The best means for removing nail polish

If you use nail polish, then surely you have to quite often remove it using a special liquid. And so that the removal was effective, fast and harmless to the nails, choose a suitable tool.

How to make the right choice?

It would seem that buying liquid for removing varnish is such a trifle! But in fact, the quality and safety of the coating removal procedure as well as the health of your nails will depend on the quality of this product. Let us dwell in more detail on each of their moments that are worth paying attention to.

We pay special attention to the composition

Carefully read the composition of the tool. Here is what may be included:

  • Acetone. It copes with any coatings, dissolving them in seconds. But the smell of the tool will be extremely sharp. And acetone vapor when inhaled can be quite dangerous, especially with frequent procedures for removing varnish. In addition, such a substance can worsen the condition of the nail plate and even partially destroy it.But acetone rather quickly disappears, so that in one application it will not have time to have a negative effect (but the nail becomes dull and unattractive). In addition, the price of funds based on this component is the lowest (compared to others).
  • Methyl ethyl ketone. This component can be identified by the abbreviation MEK. And if this substance enters the product, then the manufacturers proudly declare this with the inscription “Without acetone” on the package. But do not flatter yourself, because methyl ethyl ketone also has an extremely destructive effect on the nail plate. But its only plus is a less pronounced and sharp smell.
  • Amyl acetate or methyl acetate. Such components can be attributed to the most benign, as they do not damage the nail plate. But these substances evaporate for a very long time, which leaves a noticeable sticky film on the surface. But it is worth noting that these solvents are also toxic. Absolutely harmless and at the same time effectively removing the coating simply does not exist.
  • Alcohol. It allows you to degrease the surface of the nail and remove dirt.
  • Glycol performs approximately the same function as alcohol.
  • Mineral components, in particular calcium. It allows you to strengthen the nail plate and reduce the negative effects of the solvent.
  • Vitamins E, groups B and A. They normalize metabolic processes, tissue regeneration, fat and water-salt exchanges and the level of acidity, as well as improve the condition of the nails.
  • Natural oils (olive, linseed, almond, walnut oil). They perform the function of moisture and help protect the nail plate from drying out under the influence of solvents.
  • Essential oils, firstly, give the product a pleasant aroma, and secondly, help protect the nails from the negative impact and improve their condition. Often used castor, pink, cedar, as well as oils of jojoba, vanilla, lavender, wheat germ and so on.
  • Extracts of healing herbs can have a reducing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, nourishing and moisturizing effects.

Release form

How to choose a truly convenient and effective nail polish remover? Pay attention to the release form.

There are several possible options:

  • Fluid is the most popular and common form.It is quite convenient to use, it has been tested for generations. But the liquid composition is usually dry nails. In addition, it can spill into the bag.
  • Gel. It is no less convenient to use than a liquid, as it quickly removes any varnish and leaves no traces. In addition, the gel will not spill.
  • The cream will additionally moisturize your marigolds, but it can leave greasy marks on the surface. So if, for example, you plan to immediately apply another after removing one coating, then your nails will have to be degreased.
  • Pencil tool is very convenient to use if some defects are removed after applying a varnish (for example, smears on the skin of a finger).
  • Napkins are becoming more and more popular, because they are very convenient to use anywhere.
  • Also on sale you can find products with sponges. This is quite convenient, because you do not have to look for cotton swabs and tampons. But if the sponge is one, it will quickly get dirty after the first removal procedure, which will significantly complicate further use.

How will you use the tool?

Before you buy a remover for nail polish, determine how you will use it.Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • Frequency of application. If you remove the coating often, it is worth choosing the safest and most gentle means, as frequent use of liquids based on aggressive components can lead to damage to the nail plates.
  • Where do you most often use nail polish remover? For example, if you have to do it at work or in other places, then it is better to choose an odorless composition. In addition, the plus will be easy to use bottle equipped with a sponge.
  • How do you use the liquid: only for removing the coating or for correcting and removing defects after applying the varnish? In the second case, it is worth buying a tool in the form of a pencil.

Overview of popular tools

Today, nail polish removers are produced by a variety of manufacturers. We offer an overview of the most popular brands:

  • Means of the brand "Severin" are classified as benign, as they contain additional caring components. They are available in both the usual form of the liquid, and in the form of a gel. Another undoubted advantage is the absence of a strong odor. Means have a nice light fragrance.
  • "Laska" is one of the most inexpensive and popular tools. There is no sharp smell, as part of sparing solvents.
  • «Clever enamel». The composition of this tool includes vitamin E, proteins, as well as bamboo oil. The liquid quickly and carefully removes the lacquer without damaging the nail plate. This tool is suitable even for sensitive, weak and thin nails.
  • “Orly” quickly removes any coatings, does not dry the nails and does not leave any greasy or sticky spots on their surface.
  • "Sally Hansen." Available several tools of this brand, for example, for fragile and dry nails, as well as for thin and weak. No negative impact, their fluid functions are carried out.

Remove varnish effectively and safely by choosing the right product!

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