Choice of bathroom fixtures for the bathroom: the main nuances

To repair the bathroom does not take away all your strengths and finances, try to think ahead, as you arrangebathroom fixturesandfurniture in the bathroom, what style you choose for decoration. We will focus on the first question, which concerns the choice of plumbing. We will understand what materials have almost disappeared from the shelves of construction stores, which are considered the most reliable and sought after. Of course, we will speak in the context of price / quality. One more question we will try to deal with is the choice of the sizes and shapes of modern bathtubs, washbasins and toilet bowls. After all, now there are compact and suspended, and children's models. What is the difference between them and how to make a choice? Our material will be devoted to this.

Which materials are considered the most reliable?

Let's deal with the most popular materials:

  • acrylic;
  • steel;
  • ceramics;
  • Quarry.

bathroomWe chose those materials that are considered relatively inexpensive and quality.Of course, natural marble is one of the best options from which the most reliable and durable baths can be made, but the price of suchsanitary wareis very high. Today, there are several alternatives that combine good quality and reasonable price.

Many people think: is it worth buying acrylic plumbing or not?How long will it last? In terms of price and quality, this option can be considered optimal. Acrylic is light, but at the same time a strong material, which is easy to take care of (most importantly - regularly!). If we talk about baths, then their service life is about 10-12 years, as manufacturers say and practice shows. If you are interested in quality acrylic, you better choose the manufacturerColombo. It is a reliable company, whose products have been tested by numerous customers and won a lot of positive feedback.

Acrylic has certain disadvantages. If you choose abath, then a special metal frame is included in the package, which holds the construction. And even in the pores on the surface accumulates dirt, scurf, which is best removed immediately. Therefore, thequarrelwas invented, a material that eliminated all the disadvantages of acrylic.But the price of such plumbing equipment will be 3 times higher, so not everyone is in a hurry to buy products from quarian.

If you want to buy a solid and reliable bath or shower tray, you may come up with products made ofsteel. What is good stuff? It is inexpensive, easy to clean and serves for a long time. Therefore, if you are not confused by a slightly sliding surface and the noise from the water that is poured in, such plumbing equipment will suit you.

It remains to figure out: what good ceramics?This is one of the most hygienic and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, if you choose a toilet with a cistern and mortise shell, ceramics is the best option. A bath of such material would be too expensive and not very practical, but the sink and the toilet - what you need!

Variety of shapes and sizes

photo of the bathroomIf you need a model of medium length, best of all suitable from the brandColombo. The maximum length of such structures is 2 meters, width - about 110 cm. If you do not fit a rectangular model, you can put an angular or asymmetrical option. And if there is a lot of space in the room, then a stylish and original solution is a round model. And if among its functions there will be also a hydromassage - this is simply an amazing opportunity to relax!

As fora variety of washbasins, manufacturers offer just a lot of models - overhead, built-in, compact, angled, with pedestals and with bedside tables. Basically, the dimensions of the shells range from 30 to 120 cm in width and from 30 to 60 cm in depth. If you want to put a stylish washbasin, you can choose an option from glass that looks very original.

Finally, it came to thechoice of the toilet bowl. On the market are floor, wall mounted, compact, children's toilets and bidet toilet bowls. If you have a minimum space in the restroom, a compact or wall hung toilet will be more suitable. By the way, the last option is one of the most stylish, take note of this!

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