The crisis in the relationship after the firstborn


"Pitfalls" in the relationship after the firstborn

For a woman, the birth of a child sets several important goals: raising him as a worthy member of society and maintaining her warm feelings and undying passion with her husband.

Both husband and wife, before appearing in the baby’s tummy, have common interests. They spend all their free time together, their social and intellectual level is the same. Nowadays, a woman has a good salary and can even compete with a man. But with the onset of pregnancy, the active life of a woman gradually changes, and to the birth changes radically. She is engaged in the child, the house, and her “work day with the child”, unfortunately not rubber. She does not have time to put herself in order and cook for her husband the previous five-course dinner.

The man understands that he becomes the sole and main breadwinner in the family and plunges into his career.He boldly walks the career ladder and is proud of himself.

Each of them is great in its own way, but, unfortunately, against this background, endless resentment at each other begins. This is life, not a show, and you need to be more tolerant.

A man ceases to see that woman’s beloved beauty in a woman, often this image displaces the image of the cleaning woman and dishwasher. The identity of a woman is completely erased.

To understand each other is very difficult, because you have almost nothing to talk about.

Little effort and you will be proud of each other

A man should wait quite a bit when hormonal balance improves and a woman becomes adequate. A man needs to help a woman to self-actualize not only in a child and pans, to discover a hobby. A woman needs to support a man, often praise him for his achievements at work. They should listen to each other, talking about a runaway porridge and unbearable customer.

Dad can!

First of all, a woman should convince a man that his father will be able to do anything if he is engaged with a baby. Dad's confidence will give him more male power, and you will add free time.

Mummies often make mistakes, and then take a long time offended by their husbands.They prefer to trust the grandmother and themselves, and the man stands apart. Gradually, he formed the opinion that this is necessary. And when mother asks to spend time with the baby, it becomes very problematic. Since the child does not understand why dad tries to play with him, and dad lacks patience.

He begins to understand that to observe from the side is much simpler and easier. And there comes complete chaos. Try to trust your baby's dad more often. Enter daddy's duties of bathing and feeding. Emotional connection between dad and baby should be strengthened from early childhood.

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