The design of the attic in a wooden house

Where to start to equip the attic

First, in the room under the roof of a wooden house you need to make repairs to bring the room into a residential view, to conduct electricity. Attic can be turned into a rest room and used for receiving guests. For this you need to glue the wallpaper, put the sofas, bring the technique and put a thick carpet. There you can also arrange a round dining table for a cozy tea.
Well, if your wooden house has a window in the attic. But even in the absence of a source of daylight in the room, you can comfortably sit down if you thoughtfully place the lamps in the seating areas - by the bed or sofa, at the entrance to the attic and the table.
Attic can be converted into a library, it is enough to put a closet with books and comfortable chairs with a floor lamp between them, there you can also put a computer desk. A sufficiently thick lined carpet will make the room soundproof for people below the floor.
If the house belongs to one person (that is, there will be no problems with the neighbors), the attic is ideal for a workshop. There is no need for special repairs or decorations for a workshop or storeroom; you just need to organize a workplace and put a drawer, a bedside table or a chest of drawers with tools.
Family people can make upstairs a nursery. In this case, children can sleep in silence, the TV and adult conversations will not disturb them. Fluffy carpet for hygienic reasons would be superfluous, it is better to lay a smooth, dense carpet. Of course, if you make a nursery in the attic of a wooden house, you need to take care of the room warming and a safe staircase.
Attic, where the windows face west or north, and the sun's rays can not disturb the dream, well suited as a bedroom. If the room has large, east-facing or south-facing windows, you can arrange a winter garden here. If there is an opportunity to install a stove and there is a place for a refrigerator, a workplace, bedside tables and a dining table, in the attic you can equip a kitchen. But in this case, you need a good sealing of the floor of the room so that accidentally spilled water does not flood the lower floor.

Attic design

When the choice of the destination of the room and the approximate arrangement of furniture is finished, you can proceed directly to the design. It is best of all to finish the inclined wall with the same material as the ceiling; structural plaster or wooden lining is ideal for this purpose.
If the room is small, it is better to choose light colors for the walls, this will visually enlarge the room. For the attic-bedroom or nursery more suitable wallpaper and finish soft muffled tones.
In the attic will look great parquet floors and wooden panels on the walls. This will add room solidity and presentability. In order for the furniture to conform to this design, it must be wooden or wicker.
It is better to choose floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps as light sources. As a rule, in the attics quite low ceilings and the chandelier just does not fit in height.

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