The doll is an Indian

My five-year-old granddaughter looked a cartoon about Indians and very much she liked the hero. I decided to give her a gift and sewed an Indian doll. She was delighted. Now this is her favorite doll.
translate patterns to fabric
It's sewn lightly. To do this, transfer the patterns to the fabric, increasing them to the desired size. I made it from fleece, but the little doll looks like a snowman's child, very unusual. Therefore, I recommend making a doll made of linen or cotton.
Sew the parts and unscrew
Sew the parts and unscrew them. Head first shred the front part, the three rear parts of the head, and then the entire whole. In the hands and feet, make small incisions for stuffing, which after filling will sew. In the torso, leave the upper part not stitched.
 Tighten the torso tightly
Tightly tuck the head of an Indian inleft hole. The remaining parts do not have to be filled tightly if you sew from fleece. The material keeps its shape well with a small amount of holofiber.
shape the fingers on the handles
Using the method of stretching, shape the fingers on the handles and legs. But even if you do not know how it is - the boy will not be worse from this. Many skilled workers do not utyazhek, and the doll from this does not lose at all.
 Sew hands and feet
Sew hands and feet to the body and proceed to head formation.
Make a nose and a mouth
For convenience, insert two safety pins along the side seams exactly in the middle. On them you can pull the thread to determine the place for sewing button-down eyes. Embroider cilia first, then sew eyes. Make a spout and mouth.
view side
This is a side view, we need to sew our ears on the places of pins.
start forming the ears Now is the time to start forming the ears. Cut a small diameter 2 circles.
start shaping the ears
Collect around the thread and tighten it. Fix the formed ears in place of the pins.
start shaping the ears
This is the kind of boy you should get. sew head to trunk
Take trunk and Sew on his head. It can be planted on a tube to keep it tight. But my granddaughter really likes the fact that she dangles and nods easily. And if one day it comes off, it will not be difficult to sew.
sew hairs
Now sewing hairs, I would say just a bunch. It is done this way: we rewind a few threads on three fingers, take it off, tighten it in the middle and sew it on a thread. Then straighten it in different directions, you can cut it.
sew hairs
We paint the cheeks with powder or color pencil, previously making the pollen from the graphite rod.
pollen from a graphite rod
In general, the boy is ready,
 boy ready
but we make an Indian! It is not good for him to play toys!
do Indian
From a multicolored yarn like weed, we knit a loincloth.
do Indian
We cut the threads and sew. The bandage is ready.
do Indian
We put it on a doll, we give a spear and an amulet around the neck. An amulet is made like this: we dress a coin of happiness on a string, hang colored threads and cut it straight. A spear consists of a shaft (kebab stick) and a bundle of all the same colored threads. Now we wind the yarn on two fingers, wrap the end of the bundle with thread and glue it. The shaft is also coated with glue and pushed inside the wound end.
do Indian
This is our Indian on vacation.
Doll Indian
And this he came from the hunt and is surrounded by trophies. To make such an Indian not for long, the toy is pleasant to the touch, the handles and legs are soft, they become in any position. My granddaughter with pleasure plays and runs, hoots. Give and joy to your child!

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