The door is interroom. What should a customer remember?

Long ago, people realized that the door is almost the most important in the whole interior. It is she who is able to balance the whole picture. Make the right choice and pick up quality products, you can learn a few rules. Initially, you need to ensure the quality of the product and the material from which the door is made.

Many people want to see doors made of natural materials in their interiors, but not many can afford it, you can buy interior doors laminated at the store. You also need to ensure the safety and quality of the varnish. Only then, it can be said that the door is made according to environmental standards. You can spend more time on the lacquer coating, because it is thanks to him that the service life of the structure itself is increased.

Poor quality products can be detected in an elementary way - by pressing a finger on the surface or by swiping a finger over it.If there is a dent or scratch on the surface, it means that cheap and low-quality material was used that could even cause harm to others. Employees who produce interior doors in every way try to save just on such a coating, because it is quite expensive. The surface of the model you like should be smooth, there can be no damage and flaws on the quality door. It will be enough to just hold your hand over the selected design to check it. The next step is checking the color and color of the door. Buy PVC doors and install in your apartment - the best combination of price and quality.

It should be remembered that any model should be of a uniform color and in no case should there be any blurry spots and specks that are produced when trash hits. In whatever color the selected model is painted, the tree structure should still look through the paint. Unsure of the quality of their products, manufacturers try to hide the shortcomings of their products by applying tinting to it. You shouldn’t pay attention to such a model. You should also check the places where baguettes, grilles and frames are connected, they should be absolutely smooth, without overlaps and gaps.

There is another type of door - enameled. Buy enamelled doors you can all in the same store, where you will be consulted and will help you choose the best option.

When choosing a model with glass, immediately you need to check the quality of the glazing and the level of fixing it in the door itself. The box with the casing should in no case be different in color from the door itself, and a seal must be present in the box. Having decided on the choice, it is necessary to check the geometricity of the door, the maximum divergence, if any, should be no more than 1 mm. Guided by the above rules, it will be enough just to choose a high-quality model of the interior door, which will merge with the interior and will last for many years.

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