The family turned the old bus into a cute guest house in the country

Every day, people around the world think that they can save on something. And such a large-scale event as building a house more than others requires savings. Indeed, in any case will have to spend. If we are talking about summer cottage, especially about the one where you plan to spend only warm summer days, you can use non-standard solutions.

In this case, the family decided to use a small 1968 model bus for guests. Riding on this was not comfortable and unsafe, so the kid was cheap. I had to work a little on the reworking to turn it into a place for guests.

The owners decided to focus on the external decoration of the site, because the nature around is amazing! Around the bus are many majestic hills and a scattering of wild flowers. Inside the resulting house there is enough space for a family of four, and all of them will be very comfortable.

Alteration turned out environmentally friendly, since the construction used natural materials. A caravan consists of one large room, divided into different zones. There are corners that serve as a bedroom, living room and kitchen. From any place a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

The house is heated by two gas stoves and a generator that operates on solar panels. All kitchen furniture and countertops are made of solid oak. The bus house has a sink and a small fridge. On the place of the driver's cab there is a dining area.

The interior looks romantic and a bit naive. Fresh flowers enhance the overall impression.

The living room has a large corner sofa, which can serve as a sleeping place.

The wooden floor enhances the feeling of connection with nature. Curtains on the windows can be closed to protect from sunlight in the morning.

The living room is equipped with a stove that allows you to stay warm even on cold nights. But the bathroom did not fit in the van. She and the toilet had to be taken out in a separate building.

The bathroom has its own heating system, so it can also be used on warm evenings.

The area around the caravan is equipped with a place for kindling a fire.Therefore, to cramp during rest is not necessary.

The bus fit perfectly into the beautiful landscapes of this area.

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