The girl answered the envious people, who insisted that she was not slender enough for her husband

  • Anonymous

    It is a beautiful figure, in any case, a hundred times better than dead models!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you one hundred%. Previously, thin girls were considered sick and the guys did not pay attention to them.

    • Natalia

      I like girls with the figure of Venus,
      There, if you feel it, you know that - you wail a thing!
      But the girls are dense, always hungry
      Want to have a skinny figure like a bream: - (((

    • Victor

      I agree 100% ...

  • Anonymous

    Fat Anglo-Saxon cow. For the publisher's moron: the coachman is the coach.

    • Natalia

      Well, for them, this one is still slim ..

    • Anonymous

      The fat cow was considered an excellent cow.

    • I support 100%. I will add in my turn: as it was a couple of years ago, we rested in Egypt, in Sharm;Sigli guys ... so the author of the article would have been smaller than this "Bodypositive." Girobasy they and in Africa girobasy!

  • Anonymous

    They got used to having things with dystrophic diseases. Then closer to the cemetery

  • Genrich

    As one intelligent man said - every girl is beautiful in her own way, but not everyone can see this beauty! And those who do not like it, probably amateurs "prisoners of Buchenwald"! What good can be in the dystrophic form of some girls?

  • Anonymous

    I'm more interested in why people generally discuss this issue? What do you want, so boring to live? Find yourself a pair more attractive than this girl has found, and build a happier relationship than she.

  • Lyudmila

    Struck words about the lack of clearance in the hips! In her youth, she experienced a lot of negativity from her because of the presence of this lumen, considered ugliness. According to her peasant origin, it was indecent, asked to cover on the beach. It is a pity that I can not read this text to her, late.

  • There are no thin, fat, elderly, young, beautiful and ugly .. there is only FAVORITE and PERSONAL!

  • Anikea

    I don't care about other people at all. But since already published, I will express. Yes, they fell in love with each other, what is strange? And the fact that she is quite overweight in the field of thighs is the real truth. Ideal legs have four narrow gaps along the entire length of the legs.She has too full upper inner part of her hips (probably, her legs are constantly wiped in these places). The rest of her normal build. In addition, if it is noted that it is healthy, then there is no reason to worry.

  • Catherine

    Very nice girl, the guy was lucky that she drew attention to him. The young man, apparently, is not without understanding of women. I generally like men who like lush girls. Such men are reliable and sexy.

  • Alexander

    I wish them happiness in the family life of this beautiful couple, do not pay attention to the arguments. Be above them

  • Svetlana

    What now marry on the physique? Does love mean nothing?

  • Svetlana

    How good Jenny is, it's nice to see! .. Happiness to you and Drew !!!

  • Wuala

    Girl class

  • Raisa

    It is a pleasant appearance of a young woman. But would be thin, Drew and would not go up to her.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    the girl has a beautiful figure.

  • Lyudmila

    Thick, thin - it's all the same! Let it be a freak - it's dark at night! Robert Burns


    Lass is just lovely! The very health and beauty! I think, and the character is good, compliant! ...

  • Anonymous

    For me in the first place is the WISDOM of a woman, a cold head and a warm heart. We'll do without the rest!

  • Drew liked a full woman.She is able to give birth and feed him healthy children. Right choice!

  • Timur

    She LOVE and she LOVES means everything is fine and the soul and body, and everything else ...

  • Anonymous

    Jenna is beautiful. And those who criticize it - just envious and losers.

  • Eugene

    Jenna is beautiful. And those who criticize it - just envious and losers.

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