The girl gave the "dead" table a second life, using only paint and beautiful fabric

These masters, as we know, do not stop the "dead" look is still strong and reliable things. Why throw them away if you can restore it with your own hands, so much so that in the end no one will recognize the old thing! As it turned out, most of these alterations do not require a lot of materials. It will take only patience, imagination and persistent faith in a successful result. Look at how successfully the old, round, sliding table was transformed:

Now we will tell you in detail how to do a similar job. First of all, it is required to remove the top layer of paint and varnish (or with emery paper) using a grinding machine.

Then we take wood putty and level the surface with a spatula. After drying, you need to once again, for reliability, walk on the surface of the table with a grinding machine.The table was fixed, and the slot in the center was also hidden with putty, because, as the owners decided, in the future it will no longer need to be expanded.

Decoration of the table is the most pleasant and creative part of the work. For this you can use, for example, the decoupage technique (sticking a pattern from napkins or special paper for decoupage), but usually the patterns are too small in size and you can decorate it either in parts or only at the edges, like, for example, here:

The girl decided to use bright colored fabric. Having measured the amount needed, she simply glued the fabric on top of the table using universal glue. In the end you need to treat the surface with varnish.

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