The girl makes an invisible tattoo

If a person has suffered a serious burn, a long and painful course of treatment awaits him. But his troubles do not end there, because the scars from burns last a lifetime. Some scars can be hidden under clothing. But when it comes to burns on the face, then everything is much more complicated, because they not only change the appearance, but also critically affect the self-esteem of any woman.

It turns out that not so long ago there were technologies that can help cope with this problem. Modern medicine offers a tattoo technique to hide the terrible burns on the skin.

Basma Hamid is a medical cosmetologist-tattooist from Toronto that helps people hide scars and severe burns. She herself went through such difficulties. Basma received a burn in 2 years, but the consequences of this burn also haunted her in adult life. She had to go through more than 100 complex procedures - from plastic surgeries to laser therapy, but the scars still remained.

Basma drew attention to the aesthetic tattoo and did not lose.For ugly red scars, she applied a flesh-colored paint, matched exactly to the complexion. Today, this beautiful girl has virtually no scars on her face.

Wanting to help other girls with burn problems, Basma Mahid founded a post-burn correction clinic in Toronto in 2011, and then a second one in Chicago.

Recently, Basma was approached by a 17-year-old patient who was injured by several girls attacking her with hot water. The girl was already desperate and resigned to her fate.

When you see the result, you will be amazed.

Basma herself went through these difficulties, so if patients do not have the means to pay for the procedure, she treats them for free.

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