The laws of growth: how to move up the career ladder correctly

Top 5 main taboos to keep in mind.

In the autumn, the long-awaited new one with Mila Sivatskaya (“The Last Knight”) in the lead role comes out on Russian screens. In the center of the narration is Ksenia Zavgorodnyaya, a student of the Altai University of Tourism and Recreation, who managed to make a dizzying career in the hotel business.

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On August 9, an exclusive premiere of the new comedy series from the creators of the famous “Kitchen” took place in the START subscription application. We wondered if all means were good for achieving professional goals, and chose the top 5 main taboos.

Taboo number 1: embellish their knowledge and abilities

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Free knowledge of English or a university degree in red is just a line on the resume, but what a valuable one! But do not try to embellish reality. After all, a document on education and fluency in languages ​​you need not only to get a dream position, but above all for work. Even if they take you to a company, the deception will unfold very quickly.And then…

It’s good if the same thing happens to you as to the heroine Mila Sivatskaya: instead of the cherished position of the receptionist, she gets a job as a cleaning lady in the same hotel, and with her the opportunity to walk up the career ladder from scratch. In most cases, one such petty deception can cost a career for many years to come ...

Taboo number 2: to shock the authorities

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We live in a society where, it seems, everything is possible: to speak openly about what you think, to go to work on a scooter, to wear everyday things to the office. But the indestructible rules are still there. For example, arranging a stripping performance in front of a boss or teacher (as the main character does is not the best strategy, even if the goals are noblest. Consequences can be very unfavorable, from dismissal or exclusion from a university to a hopelessly damaged reputation.

The heroine of Mila Sivatskaya seems to understand this well. Having got a job in a hotel, she not only does not shock others, but even does not violate the dress code. Approaching, however, to the restrictions creatively. Her hairstyles, for example, are a demonstration of the latest hairdressing trends: the perfect fishtail tail can be seen on the screen of your mobile cinema.

Taboo number 3: get a job for an acquaintance

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Former colleagues who can vouch for you are good. But overly loving relatives can do a disservice and ruin your professional future.

With the heroine Mila Sivatskoy happens exactly. Trying to get a job through dad, she does not take into account the fact that the new bosses can simply change the staff, dismiss her father and devalue all his recommendations.

So look for a job yourself, earn a good professional reputation, thanks to which your name will speak for itself.

Taboo number 4: do not keep a distance in relations with the boss

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Do not attempt to approach - this is only half the battle. It is equally important to respond correctly to the attention signs of the authorities: to maintain a neutral tone, not insulting a person in the “best feelings”, and to clearly separate personal and professional. Not the last role in this is played by the observance of office dress code rules.

Otherwise, the outcome is one - loss of a job or, as in the case of the character Mila Sivatskaya, a place at the university.

Taboo number 5: do not learn at work

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Even the most monotonous and non-creative work with the right attitude can be extremely useful: after all, it shows from the inside how the company and all its departments work.A person who studies - in refresher courses or directly at work, never stays in one place for a long time.

Therefore, observe, remember, draw conclusions and do not forget to suggest ways out if you notice system malfunctions. Such an initiative is valued by the leaders above all and reveals the employee as a talented potential manager.

Photo: MTS TV

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