The main mistakes novice entrepreneurs

No customer care. Stand in the place of the buyer and think about what problems he may face? A customer who is upset about inconvenient delivery times or the lack of a package for the goods will not want to contact you anymore.
Give the client what he does not expect from you, and he will gladly make a re-order, and maybe he will recommend you to his friends.
Mistakes of entrepreneurs
Lack of advertising. A serious mistake of entrepreneurs is that they believe that business success depends on the goods. Absolutely no matter what you sell, socks or some popular novelty. No ads - no customers.
If you do not have money for advertising, place information about your company on social networks, tell your friends and relatives about it. Recently, large billboards, for example, AVITO, are very popular, and place information about your products there.And, of course, create a website so that you can be found on the Internet.
Startup entrepreneurs mistakes
Negative attitude to new ideas. Remember that only those who can adapt to the ever-changing conditions of life survive in our world.
Do not be afraid to apply new ideas, because the future of your business depends on them. For example, it is not necessary to buy a PBX (telephone exchange) for your small office; it is better to rent a virtual PBX - it is more convenient, more reliable and cheaper.
Do you have 10 employees who need MS Office? Rent it (MS Office 365), the problem will be solved for only 500 rubles per month.
Changing thinking is the most difficult, but also the most important step you need to go through in order to make your business successful. The books of such famous people like Robert Kiyosaki, Mile Dell, Donald Trump, etc. can help you in this.
Mistakes of entrepreneurs
Savings on specialists. Some tasks (bookkeeping, buying a ready-made business, etc.) are very difficult to solve without the help of a specialist. Yes, you have to spend more money, but the result will be not only solving the problem, but also gaining valuable experience in an unknown area of ​​activity.
An important mistake of individual entrepreneurs is the desire to understand accounting issues without the help of a professional.You should understand that a competent accountant will not only teach you how to pay taxes correctly, but also help you reduce them.
If you have problems with money, use online accounting, for example, Elbe or My business. For only 1000 rubles per month, you will receive a full-fledged accountant who will not only answer any questions, but also help you correctly fill out all the documents during a remote connection to a computer.
Startup entrepreneurs mistakes
Lack of automation. A company is a place where for every business there is an employee. The courier handles the delivery of the goods, the manager accepts the calls, the lawyer decides on legal issues. Singles, trying to do everything on their own, are mired in the routine work and ruin not only business, but also their health.
Can't hire employees? Take advantage of outsourcing companies. Many courier services, in addition to delivery, offer the services of a virtual manager, warehousing, online store management, etc.
Startup entrepreneurs mistakes
Quick withdrawal of profits. Most of the revenue (50%) should go into the company's turnover in order to ensure its full growth.
When you have extra 3-4 thousand rubles in your hands, you immediately have a desire to spend them.Protect yourself from this using one clever trick - buy a wallet or an envelope and put money into it intended for business. It will be emotionally difficult for you to take money from this wallet, knowing that it does not belong to you, but to your business.
Startup entrepreneurs mistakes
Registration too fast. Do not rush to register as a PI, until you make sure that the business brings a stable income. Otherwise, insurance premiums will become an unpleasant addition to your losses.
Mistakes of entrepreneurs
Lack of perseverance. This is the main mistake of novice entrepreneurs. Most companies close only because their owners gave up the fight too quickly.
Remember, business is a continuous struggle. And not only with problems, but also with himself. Be unshakable in your aspirations and you will inevitably overtake success.
Startup entrepreneurs mistakes

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