A memorial ribbon for Radonica

After Easter, all Christians prepare for the bright day of Radonica. On this day, painted eggs and Easter cakes are left on the graves of deceased relatives. In addition, they leave any gifts and flowers - live or artificial. But you can decorate the graves in a different way - with a commemorative ribbon. Any woman who knows the art of cross-stitching can make it with her own hands. To make a ribbon you need: • Ritual ribbon 1.5 - 2 meters long and about 20 wide see It can be bought in a ritual or an ordinary store in the section "Fabrics". If you can’t buy a finished tape, you can replace it with a regular curtain fabric cut into wide strips and trim the edges.
 Memorial Ribbon for Radonitsy
• Large canvas. • Floss threads. • Needle for embroidery. • Embroidery hoops. • • Scissors. Preparing embroidery. To do this, you need to choose an embroidery pattern for Easter.
Easter embroidery pattern
 Easter theme embroidery pattern
You can choose other patterns . To make it easier to follow the scheme, put 10 x 10 cells on the canvas with bright threads.
 Memorial Ribbon for Radonits
 Memorial Ribbon for Radonitsa
 Memorial Ribbon for Radonitsa
 Memorial Ribbon for Radonitsa
For embroidery to stand out well on a white ribbon background, you should choose bright threads for it. If the threads on the scheme are light, you can make a replacement yourself. Embroider the work according to the scheme. This drawing will be attached to 1 end of the tape. The edges of the canvas do not need to be processed. You can even draw out 10 to 12 extreme threads, making the edges double. For the other end, embroider a cross.
Embroider a Cross
To make the cross look brighter and more effective, you can embroider the middle with a yellow thread with lurex, and trim it with the usual yellow threads at the edges per tone or 2 above. On this embroidery, the edges can also be waving.
 Memorial Ribbon for Radonits
Stitch embroidered blanks, place on both ends of the ribbon and sew gently, masking the ends thread. The ribbon will be an excellent decoration for the graves of loved ones. This is a great alternative to the usual artificial colors. It can be tied to a cross or a monument. It will not be blown away by the wind or washed away by rain.

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