The most accurate church calendar of 2017

All Orthodox Christians have been trying to observe the traditions and customs that have been passed down from generation to generation for decades. But remembering all the necessary dates is difficult, because a special church calendar has been created to help the believers, in which you can easily see all the important dates.

Holidays in the Orthodox calendar are divided into rolling and non-shifting. Permanent ones occur on the same day every year, and carry-overs may shift. It depends on the day on which Easter falls in each particular year.

Important dates are also divided into the Theotokos and Dedicated to Jesus Christ (The Lord).

In addition to major holidays in the calendar, you can see the periods of the main posts. Strict are: Rozhdestvensky, Uspensky fasting in August 2017, Petrov in June-July, and also Lent before Easter, which will be celebrated on April 16.

Days of strict restriction are highlighted in purple. Restrained more, but compliance with them is easier, they are marked in green.In such periods, Christians refuse food of animal origin, pray, thus, letting the Lord into their soul.

It is also worth remembering that in Orthodoxy there are special days of commemoration of the dead. They fall in February-June, as well as one day in November. These days it is customary to order mortgage services.

The most important dates

An accurate calendar will tell you when to take care of the prayers in advance or to set a date for important celebrations. It will also be useful for those who decide to get married. Believers know that it is forbidden to do this before and during fasting and big holidays (Easter, Christmas). And the most successful day for the wedding is the first Sunday after Easter.

Remembrance of the departed also on Trinity and Dmitrievskaya Saturdays (June 3 and November 4).

It is worth remembering that the days of big holidays are forbidden to work and do household chores. Christians should attend church, pray and be enriched spiritually.

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