The most fashionable styles of viscose dresses

Viscose clothes are becoming more and more popular every year. After all, it is practical, durable, convenient and affordable. Viscose allows you to create the most complex and intricate styles.

Features of viscose dresses The products have high consumer characteristics. It is not crumpled, easy to iron, pleasant to the touch, quickly removes moisture and dries quickly. The quality of the product is significantly affected by the composition of the fabric. The more viscose, the better the product. Dresses from viscose of various colors are on sale. Even bright and saturated colors, fashionable prints do not fade with time and will not lose their bright colors while observing the rules of care. Viscose products require careful maintenance. They should be washed without the use of aggressive detergents in a warm temperature of 30-40 degrees. The most relevant styles of dresses Conciseness, restraint, elegance, simplicity and minimalism are in fashion .The styles combining all these characteristics are considered the main trends of the season. • The model of viscose free cut is very relevant. After all, the material is light and soft, it flows around the figure, elegantly hiding its shortcomings. The styles of the spacious dresses are very laconic and restrained, and the main decoration is fashionable coloring or a stylish print. • In the fashion shortened versions with an open bodice and a loose skirt. The model is suitable for young girls and mature women who want to hide a small full hips. Cutting the waist line, harnesses in the chest area, various drapes will make it more difficult. • The shirt has a straight silhouette, a collar of a complex cut-off cut. It can be worn on your own or with contrasting leggings. The sleeve can be of various lengths. • Models with a low waist have a different cut. The most relevant style is a dress with a flared skirt, which can be supplemented with frill and pleating. The top of the product is tight or loose. Dresses can be decorated with decorative elements: ruffles, ruffles, and pockets.Stylists advise to beat the clothes with accessories: belts, scarves, jewelry. Trend colors Variegated colors are one of the key features of the material. Abstract drawings, geometric patterns, floral and animalistic themes will decorate even a simple cut and make the product unusual and interesting. Turquoise, mustard, all shades of blue and green, discreet gray and laconic black, pastel shades remain at the peak of popularity. Combination of colors For simple styles of viscose to look unusual and fashionable designers complement their spectacular touches. The color combination looks very stylish. It can be as a central theme or as a selection of any elements: a collar, sleeves, hem. Colors can be complementary or contrasting. The first version looks stylish, the second one is extraordinary and bold. The monophonic edging framing the collar, sleeves, hem along the edge looks beautiful and fashionable. Another bold accent is an ornament that goes through the center or piping. With him, even simple dresses look luxurious.

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