The most reliable and beautiful barbecue for summer cottage

Dishes cooked over charcoal are not only the most delicious, but also the most useful. Keeping all the useful properties in themselves, they allow you to enjoy an unrivaled palette of flavors, and even before the tempting aroma of shish kebab with smoke can stand not everyone. But in order for the kebab to be tasty and well done, you need to find a good fireplace, and it is desirable that it be stationary - steel barbecues quickly break down.

Brick, however, is able to withstand high temperatures, it keeps heat well and heats up quickly, without making it wait a long time for a treat. Next, we give a detailed description of the barbecue grill.

Brick bricks and their varieties

There are various models of stationary barbecues made of bricks - they can be chosen among ready-made, and you can order individual design and construction:

  1. brick grill may be small andcompact - this option will have one firing point and it is ideal for installation in various buildings in the country: arbor, bath, veranda, summer kitchen;
  2. garden fireplaces-braziers - bright, beautiful, stylish facilities, have an increased furnace, due to which they can be used as a fireplace;
  3. the oven complex of a barbecue is a brick structure with several niches for different firing points - a brazier, a cauldron, a smokehouse, a tandoor, a cooking surface, etc.

Additional equipment

Brick grills are multifunctional assistants in the kitchen and they are equipped with various useful elements in order that the culinary process takes place with maximum comfort. A stationary stove can have a niche for a spit, a basket for firing firewood, a grill that is installed on several levels and allows you to adjust the degree of roasting meat. Also, it can be installed a special thermometer and lights, tabletop, shelves for kitchen utensils and a washstand.


  1. Walls of brick barbecue are able to keep warm for a long time,which contributes to the rapid and high-quality cooking products. The kebab in it is tasty, fragrant and with an appetizing crust.
  2. Brick ovens, unlike steel barbecues, do not rust and do not lose their appearance from high humidity and rain.
  3. Brick structures easily withstand temperature changes, they do not crack and do not collapse.
  4. The walls of the braziers of the brick does not melt and deform under the influence of high temperatures.
  5. Brick buildings are strong and stable, they do not turn over, which often happens with portable steel barbecue.
  6. Brick barbecues do not lose their operational properties and attractive appearance even with regular use.
  7. Stationary foci of brick, unlike portable metal, are not only culinary devices, but also excellent garden decorations. They can be installed not only in the open air, but also in the gazebo, on the veranda, in the summer kitchen.

As you can see, brick stoves are much superior to steel grills.

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