Will the next generation be no mods anymore?

The first giant shopping centers, where on Sunday it was so beautiful to get lost, replacing each other literally every three months, fashion trends, annually emerging new designer names promoting either eco-fabrics, or feminism, or sporty & sexy, and indescribable euphoria from what was ordered literally three days ago, glossy court shoes are delivered to you by a courier right to the door of the house in a beautiful satin bow box - all this current generation of 30-year-olds has experienced in its consumer age, starting like inexperienced shopaholics in "Okhotnom ryadu" and ending as experts on designer outlet on the Internet. At the same time, on experience, our own style was modified from the image of “girlfriend Paris Hilton” in a lace corset dress with a silver wide belt to a work girl focused career (and it doesn’t matter that we’ve already gone fourth) in a perfectly fit trouser suit and a pair of expensive sneakers .

According to the above description, it seems that during the heyday of consumerism in the fashion industry, we were the most “hungry” generation - we bought and bought according to the advice of girlfriends, for a specific reason, in the fight against depression or even impulsive appeal “I want everything ". In just a few years, we were able to see in person how the consumer culture of clothing markets, where no one even bothered about trends and styles (yes, there, because even with dubious thickness of a curtain, nobody was afraid to try on things in tents) shopping centers, where so far many of us spend the whole day off in the format “shopping - lunch - cinema”, and then expanded and seemed to be divided into many pixels: today nobody takes on the monosyllabic answer to the question what is relevant in the current g ode who is now an icon of style and what brand now sets the tone for the whole industry. Using trivial comparisons, I want to characterize everything that happens as a buffet - many flavors, varieties, degrees of roasting, and ways to mix it all into your own cocktail.

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Now imagine how in all this diversity does the next generation feel or feel itself as soon as it comes of age? Unlike us, they don’t know how hard it was to find something standing on the same rows of Chinese clothes with an unpleasant smell and not at all polite sellers, and, apparently, that’s why they are so cheerfully accepting the style of “gop-stop” in fashion relaxed boys from the area in pants with stripes. For today's young people, especially European ones, this is almost vintage, and it is unlikely that anyone would be surprised if they rush to buy giant down jackets with cheap lightning and wiped Fila sweatpants as a relic in second-hand ones - the ones that we hate with the cottage and there they were left, far, far away in the attic.

As one of the leaders of a large American brand, who decided to actively adapt to the next generation, today's teenagers do not want to hunt for anything, they would just feel comfortable and safe in clothes, that's all.But once the glossy magazines stimulated us to this “fashionable hunt” as a seasonal campaign for new products, without which you seem to be an outsider: go out in sharp-nosed boots, when everyone is wearing a round toe, and catch imagine disgruntled looks. And do not come to your mind about the idea of ​​putting on a plush suit and uggs, when all their fashionistas were ritually burnt at the stake. Then literally everyone should have shown them with a finger on the subway! Today there are neither bonfires, nor fashionistas: in less than a decade both are fed up with everyone, like all the accompanying "fashion terrorism". Note that nowadays, councils accept everything, and the dictatorship of appearance is already few, which is not least due to the influence of the Internet, where each, even a small subculture, finds like-minded people.

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Hence, the latest changes in fashion are easier to explain by targeting the next generation than by common sense of today's 30-year-olds. The glamor has disappeared, the deliberate sexuality has come, the circus is a tent and severe, over-rated on the gop-stop tags.And even the leading designer brands "dance to this tune." Everyone wants to make young people get hooked on a fashionable needle and buy and buy, as before, and the last, judging by polls and studies on this score, fashion, like a huge soap bubble, is not at all interesting. And yes, this does not mean that they will not get out of the world white from the Internet. Simply, they, like any man in the street with a daily opportunity to eat at a buffet, once get fed up so much that, perhaps, they even begin to arrogantly and bravely deny that back in the 2000s their parents were delighted with wild consumerist delight.

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