The old artist's studio has turned into a tiny Loft in Budapest

Vintage, Decor, Workshop, Interior

The architectural office presented a charming apartment in Budapest, Hungary. This is an amazing transformation of an abandoned artist’s studio into an A + Z Design Studio residence for designers. They use it as a second home, and also lives their daughter, who studies in another country, coming for a vacation. The room in the heart of the city with magnificent views of the central sights looked as if time had stopped in it from the Second World War.

Easels and frames were everywhere. The apartment with an area of ​​50 square meterswas in a terrible state, but the designers did not just want to restore it, but also to preserve the studio’s old atmosphere, its history. Original windows and iron radiators, wooden chair in the style ofBauhaus, antique rug, green chest of drawers,a wooden dining table and an industrial gray lamp fill the space and perfectly match each other.

An Italian industrial wardrobe separates the living area from the bed. The storage system, sink, and clock in the kitchen were purchased at IKEA. The dark oak floor was repainted in a warm gray shade to achieve the effect of the art gallery. Metal letters and a mirror were found at the flea market, industrial bathroom tiles were chosen in a industrial style, and a traditional washstand was brought from Romania.

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