The original design of a champagne bottle

For the spring holiday of March 8th, a bottle of sparkling wine is suitable for women as a gift, by the way. Designed with her own hands it will look original and exclusive! You can use any handmade material you have at home for decoration: threads, beads, chains, beautiful buttons, fragments of cards, etc. We offer to decorate ordinary champagne with satin ribbons, lace, artificial flowers, rhinestones and glass pebbles. Since this is a spring holiday, it is more important to decorate the bottle with ribbons of lush grass. To decorate a bottle of champagne, we need:
  • a bottle of champagne - 1 pc;
  • satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide green - 3 m.
  • double-sided tape - 1pc.
  • 1 cm-1 m wide light green nylon tape;
  • decorative flowers (for a hobby) - 7 pcs .;
  • rhinestones - 20 pieces;
  • glass pebbles - 15 pieces;
  • glue heat gun - 1 piece;
  • green crepe paper;
  • dark green lace with scallops - 0.5m.
 we need
The convenience of making this bottle is that you do not need to wash labels and degrease the bottle itself. The only bottle should not be cold, but at room temperature. Otherwise, the resulting condensate can ruin the entire work. 1 step. Work begins with the preparation of the working surface. We glue the bottle with double-sided tape up to the foil tearing line on the neck.
 Glue the bottle
 Paste the bottle
Step 2. Picking a close shade to the ribbon, we cut a square of 15 cm x 15 cm in size from crepe paper.
 cut out
Step 3. Put the paper on top of the bottle and fasten its ends on four sides, pressing it to the adhesive tape.
 We put paper on the top of the bottle
 fasten from four sides
Then we press the resulting ends of the folds toneck.
press the resulting ends
4 step. Next, proceed to wrap the entire bottle with a satin ribbon. Due to the presence of double-sided tape on the surface of the bottle, the atlas does not “slide” and each new round is securely held in place. It is necessary to fix with glue only the ends of tapes. From the top, on the neck, we make the entanglement with a slight inclination of the tape, and below, on the wide part of the bottle we make horizontal wrapping.
 do horizontal wrapping
 doing horizontal wrapping
At the end, with the help of glue thermogun, glue the bottom edge of the last tape to the bottom of the bottle LCI. step 5. After that, we measure the circumference of the bottle with festoons of a contrasting dark green color and glue it with the help of a glue heat gun on the bottom.
 glue the lace
In the same way, but mirror, we paste another piece of lace.
 paste another piece of lace
6 step.We divide the red ornamental cherry flowers for the hobby into separate fragments and glue them in a chaotic order on the bottle.
 decorative flowers
From a nylon ribbon we tie bows according to the number of glued flowers.
decorations of the top of the bottle
And with the help of a thermogun we attach them to the bases of the branches with flowers.
 branches with flowers
paste pastes
7 step. Next, take multicolored glass decorative pebbles, as well as small rhinestones and glue them randomly to the bottle.
 paste the rhinestones
The original design of the bottle

A bottle of champagne for the holiday of March 8 is ready! Give pleasure for happiness!
 Original bottle decoration

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