The original holiday is about your birthday!

Birthday is a celebration that is expected for a whole year and brings a lot of excitement on the eve and positive emotions during his celebration. Carefree children adore this bright holiday, but every adult birthday person treats his birthday differently. Someone is sad that life has counted another year, another sighs about unrealized ambitions, but most believe in the best and prefer to have fun with the soul among friends.

I don’t want to turn such a special day into a traditional gathering, listening to congratulations poems happy birthday and absorbing salads at the table in the company of relatives and everyone who visited you with a courtesy visit, again, like a year, two, three back . If the weather permits, break out into your holiday on nature, devote time to active ball games, fight badminton, arrange contests to prepare the best sandwich with the original name, only occasionally being distracted by the buffet.In the evening, you can cook kebabs on the fire and sit down to relax in the comfortable lounge chairs brought with you. And when there are not very good weather conditions outside the window, you can have a unique themed party. Arrange the original Chinese tea ceremony or holiday in retro style. An interesting option would be to hold a sushi party or a burger show. The original sandwiches will not only decorate the table and saturate the guests who have come, but they can also act as subjects participating in the competition to eat them for speed. This exciting holiday will not want anyone to miss, rest assured your guests will not get rid of you sms happy birthday, and personally come to the solemn event to tell you their wishes. Agree that if you spend so unusual every birthday, waiting will fill the heart with joy and warm the soul, as sur prizes cannot but give pleasant emotions. Congratulations can also be given not traditionally, but in an unusual way: wrap beautifully written poems with wishes in scrolls and place them in the most unexpected corners in the room where the events will take place.You can put them in balloons filled with helium or write them directly on the balloons. You can write beautiful toasts on napkins and decorate a festive table with them. In a word, fantasize. Only by putting real feelings you can get true joy! The main thing is to do it all with humor and pleasure. Otherwise, the holiday will turn gray and unmemorable. And how can you call it after that?!

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