Original sweater with wide braids

Materials and tools:

  1. 600 (650) gr violet yarn;
  2. Plain and stocking needles No. 7 and No. 8.


Dimensions:36-38 (40-42).

Pattern Description

Main Pattern:

Alternately, 2 rows of purses (front row - back loops, purl row - front loops) and 2 rows of faces. smooth surface (front row - front loops, purl row - back loops).

Pattern of braids:

We knit according to the scheme, on which only the front rows are shown, in the purl rows of the loop we knit according to the drawing, while letting down the nakida. Repeat from 1 to 20 row.

Knitting density:

The main pattern: 11 p. and 17-18 p. = 10x10 cm; braid pattern: 31 n. = 16 cm wide.

Knitting description


We knit entirely across, starting from the sleeve.

We type 68 (74) loops and connect 1 rel. row, izn. Then knit as follows: chrome., 31 loops of the pattern of braids, 4 (10) loops of the main pattern, 31 loops of the pattern of braids, chrome.

For the bevels of the shoulder, we add on both sides of 4 (10) loops of the main pattern in the 5th row 1 x 1 and in each 4th row another 7 x 1 loops (from the shy;cross.) = 20 (26) loops of the main pattern.

At the same time, at a height of 10 (8) cm, we additionally type for loops and backs on both sides 14 (16) points and knits for these loops with the main pattern = 112 (122) loops.

At a height of 23 cm = through 41 rows, for the neckline, we divide the work in the middle and first knit the right half.

In the 1st row we additionally type 5 loops for the collar from the inside edge and we knit these loops with the main pattern = 61 (66) loop.

At a height of 47 cm = through 83 rows, close the 5 loops of the collar and set aside the remaining 56 (61) loops. Symmetrically knit 2 half.

Now the pullover is completed symmetrically, i.e. knit on all 112 (122) loops.

Through 6 rows we knit for the bevels of the shoulder 1 and the last of the 20 (26) middle loops of the main pattern with the last or respectively with 1 loop of the pattern of braids together izn. and this decrease is repeated 7 more times in each 4 row (respectively, these 20 (26) loops become smaller).

At the same time, at a height of 60 (62) cm, we close the 14 (16) loops on both sides and at a height of 70 cm after 123 rows, respectively, or after the next 2 rows of the braid pattern, the remaining 68 (74) loops. Overall height 42 (46.5) cm.


With a smooth thread auxiliary, type 32 loops and then knit the original thread with the main pattern. At a height of 75 cm = through the next 2 rows int. lay the loop lay.Remove the auxiliary thread and translate the loop on the spokes. Sew the loops of both knitting needles with a knitted stitch.

Laces (2 Details):

Knit on 2 stocking knitting needles. We collect 6 loops, * move the loops back to the other end of the knitting needles, slightly stretch the thread and knit the loops of the faces. We repeat from *. From time to time the lace is slightly stretched in length to align the loops in length and width. At a height of 80 cm loop close.


Pullover parts are straightened and let them dry under damp towels. We carry out side seams and seams of sleeves. We sew the collar to the neckline, while fitting the width accordingly. We draw the laces through the crosses of the pattern from the braids and attach to the border and closed edge.

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