The oven on sawdust is an affordable way to heat small rooms.

Principle of operation

Many people in their lives faced the problem of heating greenhouses and cottages. Fortunately, modern available technologies have allowed to solve this problem with the help of the furnace on sawdust. This method allows you to significantly save in material terms, however, this is not its only advantage. Before you understand this, you need to understand the principle of operation of this device. It is based on the passage of flame from the wood set on fire through a special opening, thanks to which sawdust is set on fire. If they are well tamped, they will smolder, not burn. It is clear that the process of smoldering is long, in this case it takes at least eight hours. The air above the sawdust is heated gradually and evenly. As you can see, the principle of operation of the furnace on sawdust is very simple. Such a device can be made independently, using more efficient designs and improvements.


As already mentioned, such equipment is much cheaper than more complex heating devices. Using them is really easy, because the construction is very simple. Moreover, the smoldering of sawdust, which lasts at least eight hours, allows you to do your own business at this time, without fear that it will be necessary to set fire to the extinguished wood again.
The boiler working on sawdust gives the maximum amount of heat, so there is no doubt in its performance. In addition, the greatest power reaches in a small period of time, which allows you to quickly and efficiently heat the required area. If you supplement the design with appropriate equipment, the stove can be used to heat water or prepare food, while the water temperature will be regulated. Another significant advantage is environmental friendliness: since all harmful substances are burned through, the atmosphere is not harmed.
The owners, who installed the water heating system, sometimes wonder: can the furnace be connected to it with sawdust? Of course. To do this, it is necessary to establish a register, having connected to it the function of supply and processing, after which it is necessary to connect this system to the central heating system.To improve the heat output, you should install a narrow tube that will pass through the body and the cover, as well as the ash tube. Due to its positive characteristics, the furnace on sawdust is an affordable method of heating small rooms.

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