The popularity of the red fur coat

For the first time about the mink fur learned in the 30s of the XX century. This event happened in star Hollywood. It took another 30 years and in addition to mink coats they began to sew capes, and even suits made of mink fur. Society perceived mink coat as a privilege of very wealthy women.

As for the squirrels, their skins were used even in the distant tsarist times, but, it is worth noting, not for making fur coats. Wonderful caftans and hats were made of them. Today, finding a squirrel coat is very difficult. Often the fur of these animals is used to create decorative elements. For example, to trim the collar or cuffs. Red fur coats have long gained popularity among lovers of natural fur.

In the 70s of the 20th century, beaver fur gained enormous popularity. But, as in the case of squirrel, it was almost not used for sewing fur coats. But on the collars on coats and hats dispersed with a bang. Designers and now appreciate the original structure of the pile and beautiful with modulations shine.

When it comes to sable, his fur has always been popular. Even in the times of Ancient Russia, it was possible to buy expensive things for the skins of this animal.At the beginning of the twentieth century, the cost of a sable fur coat was equal to the cost of a luxury house.

The peak of karakul’s popularity comes in the post-war period. Then it was used when sewing children's fur coats. Black and white astrakhan sewed fur coats for boys and girls, respectively. Karakul fur coats for adults went on sale in the 80s of the twentieth century.

Fox fur was very popular in the 90s. Warm hats and collars were sewn from it. It was considered very prestigious to purchase a fox hat with an animal's dangling tail. Gradually, red coats became fashionable. To date, women of fashion for the most part still prefer silver fox. Dyed fur is also very popular. And now the red forest beauty does not cause mad delight. Often, her fur goes for sewing vests.

Finding a leopard fur coat is considered a huge success. If you believe the historical annals, then its fur was used in ancient Egypt. For a long time, the leopard was an animal worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. Naturally, they did not sew from his fur coats, but having such skins in their home was a good sign, because people believed that in this way their home would be protected from the influence of evil spirits.Whether a leopard fur coat can protect its possessor from evil spirits or not is a controversial issue. But the fact that in her any woman will look dazzling is undeniable.

Fur coats are also classified by color. To date, the most popular are red mink coats, and this is even taking into account the fact that the color range of mink fur has about two hundred shades. The price of a fur coat also depends on its color. For example, a fur coat made from the fur of a mink of nut or light brown color will cost the least. The next price step is occupied by a dark brown color. Red mink is already considered an expensive option.

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