The revolution in the freezing of ice cubes: you will certainly want yourself this home

When it seems that everything ingenious has already been invented, brave adventurers still manage to surprise sophisticated consumers again. It also happened with. At first glance, this is a simple volumetric glass with protruding balls on the sides. But what is it for?

So, this is a new and non-standard way of freezing ice (ice cubes). If earlier it was necessary to fill a fairly wide and long form, now Ice Genie offers a different way - in a small silicone bowl to freeze up to 120 ice cubes! It occupies very little space, while giving ice, like a real and powerful ice maker. And getting cubes out of shape is a pleasure.

In the center of the design is another form. You can put already made ice cubes into it, and in the meantime you can add more water “on the sides” to freeze the next portion, and so on - up to 120 cubes.Another cool feature of the central “shape in shape” is the cooling of the beverage bottles. While there are ice cubes on the sides, which due to the design do not melt for a long time, you can put in the center, for example, a bottle of champagne, beer or wine - and enjoy a pleasant evening with a glass of your favorite ice drink.

As always, our neighbors from the Celestial Empire are already warning in advance and are trading this invention left and right. You can find it.

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