The role of the chandelier in the design of the apartment

When creating a design apartment, lighting is often given only a small part of attention, although this element is one of the most important. New buildings will never be able to find good fixtures, because the builders pay attention directly to the process of construction, and not the design of the apartment. They had the task to hide the wiring in the walls, to place the exit points. Usually, after entering a new apartment without repair, where only a cable hangs from the ceiling, the newly made owners decide to buy chandeliers or lamps and quickly hang it. If the developer brought the wiring for wall lighting, then surely it will not do without the purchase of sconces. But we must admit that lighting made in haste is very often not only inconvenient, but even harmful.

A serious competition has been established on the lighting market, so buyers have an excellent opportunity to pick up chandeliers and luminaires among a wide variety offavorable price.The transformation of the overhead light can be carried out in various ways. For example, chandeliers can be multi-stage or with a soft adjustment. The introduction of such changes in lighting is not technically difficult.

In a residential area, the lighting is conditionally powerfully divided into three levels. At the first level - general level lighting. This includes what the builders left when building a house, that is, on the wiring in the walls. Moving such lamps is feasible only with overcoming certain difficulties. Experiments with dimmers in this case give room for creativity. The installation of the dimmer is simple and described in the instructions as much as possible. At the second level there is a functional lighting - these are table lamps, floor lamps and any lighting devices that can be moved. Such light is placed depending on the needs of the person. In certain cases, it is easier to purchase and install a chandelier or other additional lighting fixture than to constantly carry the lamp. The lighting of the third level is mood lighting.Special lamps help to visually change the perception of the room.

Each level for a dwelling is very important, since it depends on the lighting how a person will perceive the room. All three levels complement each other by working together.

For example, in an apartment with high ceilings, but a small area is to install lamps in the corners, which will visually increase the room. In the bedroom, you can add romance, which is feasible through the use of special small lights sconces that mimic the light from these candles. If you wish, you can easily choose lighting fixtures for any room: study the assortment of stores, various forums and blogs, look at examples of ready-made implementations.

Designers advise how to choose lamps

Lighting in design occupies one of the main roles. Without proper lighting, it is impossible to convey all the coziness and comfort of the interior space. Purchase of lighting fixtures is always a crucial moment. In addition to its main function, the lamps should match the style of the room.

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