The shameful things that all moms secretly do

Sometimes you really want to do something that we forbid children. And you have to do it in secret. We are not iron, we should have small weaknesses.

Baby can not chocolate. But you can! To make sacrifices so that he would not be offended and deprive himself? Hmm, somewhere there must be a happy medium ... A child until a certain age cannot be many more things that bring us pleasure: a glass of wine, a bath in solitude, ice cream, and sharp nuts. Yes, a lot more! But it is not necessary to turn into mother Teresa and deprive oneself of little joys. We have collected things that make moms happier, but secretly from children.

They rejoice when children are not at home

The shameful things that all mothers do in secret from children
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It is not necessary to leave a preschooler child at home on his rare day off and entertain him all day. You can absolutely with a clear conscience leave him with a nanny or grandmother (if you're lucky) and spend the day as you please. To go to the cinema, to a cafe, to go shopping - you probably already forgot how to do it.If on this day the child can be given to the kindergarten, then generally happiness: you can lie on the sofa, talk on the phone, lie in the bath for hours ... And in the evening with a pure heart to confess to the kid how you missed him.

Eat snacks in secret

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All the girls - sweet tooth. Well, almost everything. It’s better, of course, not to give a child a sweet to a certain age. But you shouldn’t even tease him, eating ice cream and candy in front of your child’s eyes. Some mothers admit that they keep their favorite treats in the freezer, in a package of frozen vegetables. And you know, I don’t want to reproach them for this at all. Sometimes you have to pamper yourself. True, a child may still catch you by surprise while eating chocolate. The main thing here is not to blink with an eye that you are chewing a carrot.

Play on the phone

The shameful things that all mothers do in secret from children
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Yes, yes, you like Farm, Tetris and other such fun. Or maybe you and tomagochi feed? Yes, and rightly so. Sometimes you need to be distracted from the fuss around. True, the child is better not to show their small weaknesses. He can watch cartoons or play on a tablet for no longer than half an hour.

Behaving indecently

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To scratch, wipe your hands on a homemade T-shirt, scratch your ear, and then - oh my God! - in the nose.Well, who has not sinned with such things when he is sure that no one sees? That is, no one except the beloved child. Which will certainly take an interest, why are you doing what you forbid him? And then try to hit your hands on a child when she reaches into her face. Everyone will know right away that you are sinners picking your nose.

Hiding from children in the bathroom

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Every mother has a secluded place in the house. Especially if she has not one child, but several, and in the evening they all need a mother at the same time. Such torture with love and attention can endure an hour, well, two, but not three, four, five. And when the evening seems endless, and the hands of the clock do not show a magical time for “Good night, kids”, the mothers go underground. Someone is a toilet room, someone has a bathroom, someone has a pantry. Do not believe it, even for five minutes in silence, mother can take a breath and gather strength.

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