The softest cape for furniture that you can do yourself

A faux fur homemade cape is a great way to decorate, renew and transform furniture, making it soft and very pleasant to the touch. A variety of colors and length of the pile allows you to choose the fur to your liking, so that it does not seem too flashy. Well, how nice after a hard day to fall into such a drowning-soft chair and relax with a book or sewing in your hands! Let's try this in your home. For MK, fur of contrasting colors (blue, pink, green) was used specially - you can choose the option that is closer to you.

To work, prepare:

  • a piece of faux fur according to the size of the furniture for which it is planned to sew a cape;
  • furniture stapler;
  • sewing machine;
  • thread to match the faux fur;
  • scissors;
  • pins.

Begin to create! In MK are presented versions of two capes - for the chair and ottoman.

1.Put the fur fabric down on the pouf down; fix the edges with pins or quickly sew with a needle. Then simply remove the fur, cut off the unnecessary part and sew several times on the typewriter edge.

2. Turn the resulting cape inside out and secure the bottom with a furniture stapler.


3. We proceed a little differently with the chair and other multi-component furniture. First remove the seat from the chair. After throwing fur on the chair, measure, hook with pins.

Along the edges you can use pieces of fur.

4. Then remove the blanks and stitch on the machine.

5. Fasten the main cape from below.

6. And repeat the procedure separately for sitting.

Then collect the chair and rather sit in it. A fur cape for furniture is ready!

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