The waste of his wife brought Robert De Niro to bankruptcy

The actor made a scandal in one of the institutions in New York, saying that his wife pulled all the savings.

Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower have lived together for 20 years. And it would seem that this is a long time to learn everything about each other ... But De Niro did not know one thing about his wife. The other day, the actor publicly in one of the restaurants in New York accused his wife of waste.

Like, if it were not for her, then he would not have to act in "stupid films."

Photo: Getty Images

However, the wife of a Hollywood star dropped all the money not on outfits and diamonds, as one might think, but invested in the family chain of coffee shops Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda, which, alas, has not been making a profit for five years.

“I wouldn’t have to continue acting in disgusting films if you hadn’t been spending all my money,” De Niro told his wife.

But the wife seems to have written off the words of the spouse to emotionality. And not in a hurry to close the business.

But the deeds of the actor are really bad. He has already been nominated several times for the Golden Raspberry Award, which is awarded in the “Worst Film” and “Worst Actor” nominations. While before that I got two Oscars.

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