These trailers with an area of ​​less than 25 sq. M have everything you need.

Today, most people are seriously thinking about how much damage they cause to the environment. Many people choose environmentally responsible behavior and strive to live in harmony with nature. A small house is a great solution for people who decide to adhere to the "green policy".

For example, such a carriage with an area of ​​only 24 square meters is 100% made from natural organic materials. And it has everything for a comfortable stay.

The Austrian company, designing such housing, claims that each of the houses built takes into account the individual needs of its owner and is designed in accordance with its lifestyle. Each tiny trailer will be created for a specific life situation, taking into account the location and existing communications.

In such a home as this mobile trailer, you can live anywhere, including away from any settlements.At the same time, having left the megalopolis, it is not at all necessary to give up the comforts of modern civilization and comfort.

The car is trimmed by natural Austrian wood. According to the information onthe sitemanufacturer, the lining of trailers is made from larch. This wood is rich in resin, and naturally protects the house from the weather. Each trailer can be equipped with additional details, such as a porch, an awning and decorative stands for plants.

Inside, a small house seems surprisingly spacious.

The floors are made of spruce boards, and the walls are finished with natural sheep wool. Such materials allow to keep heat in the trailer. However, they do not harm the environment. Due to its excellent thermal insulation properties, sheep wool protects against cold in winter and excessive heat in summer. Indoors, a healthy microclimate is ensured, including through natural air circulation.

The kitchen has plenty of storage space.

Compact housing is now not necessarily cramped and uncomfortable. For everything you need there is a place in the convenient drawers.And the table top is spacious enough so that you can cook almost any dish on it. It turns out that even a small kitchen can be luxurious!

Waiting for dinner guests? There will be no problems with accommodation, as there is a hidden folding table next to the bed

Folding table can also serve as a workplace, which will comfortably accommodate a computer and other necessary equipment.

If guests decide to stay, there will be extra beds for them.

From the bed there is a beautiful view of the kitchen and dining room. The whole room is decorated in the same style.

The bath is decorated with natural materials and supports the eco-concept of the entire dwelling.

All the necessary and familiar amenities, without which a modern person cannot live comfortably, are present in the house.

The system of special filters allows you to clean the used water, and it becomes suitable for reuse. Due to this, the consumption of resources by residents is significantly reduced. The shower cubicle is finished with mosaic made of natural materials, which underlines the natural beginning of this project.

The car can be installed on uneven terrain thanks to additional details.

It is possible to equip the wagon with additional devices, such as solar panels, and live comfortably anywhere in the world.

And this mobile house is made of recycled materials

And here is another example of a compact but incredibly comfortable housing.

What area, in your opinion should be a comfortable house? Maybe at least 30 meters, or even 50, to be sure enough? This kid is just 15 in size! But it can live quite comfortably.

It is hard to believe that the housing, which has received the name of Pokko Pink, will be able to cope with the functions of this apartment building. But the convenient design provides the opportunity to comfortably accommodate on such a small area. Outside the house looks incredibly cute. It is located on a mobile trailer and can easily move from place to place.

Having learned that Pokko Pink is easy to transport by truck, many seriously doubt that it will be spacious enough inside. But do not rush to conclusions, it is better to see everything with your own eyes.

In the living room, the ceiling height is more than 3 meters. Due to the large number of windows, the room is well lit

A large window not only gives room light, but also allows for natural air circulation.

Above the entrance is organized convenient storage space.

In the house there is a staircase that allows you to climb anywhere. The living room smoothly flows into the dining room and kitchen

The dining table can be folded along the wall when it is not necessary. And the space will remain free. The kitchen has everything you need, including a solid worktop and steel sink.

Kitchen furniture provides for the installation of an electric or gas stove. There is also a place for a small refrigerator. Although the kitchen seems small, there is a lot of storage space in it.

Even the space in the corner is used.

A place in such a small apartment should not be wasted ... From the kitchen you can get into a modern bathroom.

The bathroom has a small toilet, a sink on the wall and a compact shower.

The toilet can be set to a standard or compost type. The berth, located in the attic, can be reached by a ladder.

The switches are designed in such a way that all lighting can be controlled from any part of the house. In the small bedroom there was a place for a king size bed.

But the ceiling in the highest place in the attic is only 1.5 meters.Therefore, you need to be careful ... In the house there is a small storage room that can be used as a closet, or put a washing machine in it.

If you put there convenient boxes, you can organize a small dressing room, and all things will be in their places. Pokko Pink is the perfect choice for those who like to travel in comfort.

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