This clock is like a portal to another reality! They can be made from the simplest materials

Mechanical watches are far from being the most necessary thing in an apartment - they can be completely replaced by electronic gadgets that have many useful functions. However, these clocks are worth it in order to make room for them on the wall. After all, in addition to counting the time they can send to another reality! Although it’s just an interesting optical illusion, the idea is incredible! The combination of LED backlighting and a mirrored surface creates the feeling of an endless corridor that opens behind the dial.

For the project will need:

  • Watch base model;
  • a mirror circle with a diameter like that of a dial;
  • transparent film with a mirror effect;
  • drill;
  • glass drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • LED Strip Light;
  • dish sponge;
  • scissors;
  • marker;
  • syringe;
  • water

Carefully unscrew all fixing screws with a screwdriver of the correct size on the watch.

Remove the top of the watch.

Remove the glass. In most models, its edges are not very sharp, but it is better to do it carefully.

Gently pull the arrows to get them without breaking.

Measure the inside diameter of the dial. We need to cut a circle of the same size from a mirror (or order it in a glass workshop). At the very center of the circle, you need to drill a hole. To do this, you need a drill for glass and some water, which is poured into the place of drilling from a syringe.

On the side of the clock, a hole is drilled for the LED strip wire.

We fix the mirror circle on the dial.

We paste the LED strip, passing the wire through the hole on the side.

Next, set in place the clock mechanism and fasten to the dial hands. The whole structure is fixed with screws.

We proceed to the installation of the second mirror, this time translucent. It will create the illusion of an infinite light corridor. Use the glass from the dial as a stencil. Attach it to the mirror film and draw a marker.

Carefully cut out a circle from the film.

It remains to secure the film on the glass and insert it into the dial. It will stand on the LED tape, as on the leg. To do this, wet the glass with a sponge.

Next, install the front and rear covers, fix the remaining screws.

In this case, the LED strip is switched on from the remote, it is very convenient. You can make a miracle happen with one touch!

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