Thinner Kirkorov showed "naked" photo

Fans were amazed at how the singer looks.

Summer is a time when not only girls want to boast a slim figure. The king of Russian pop music, who is now resting in Las Vegas, shared a photo from the pool with his fans. True, the opinions of the followers on this picture are divided.

Philip Kirkorov
Photo: @fkirkorov

Some did not like Philip's gloomy look. “Why such an angry and tired face?” - subscribers began to ask in the comments. And they advised the singer to rest more. But what made everyone unequivocally delighted - it’s from the artist’s figure.

And indeed, Kirkorov pretty built. But recently, during one of his travels, the performer visited the Diveevsky monastery, where he bathed in springs and documented the process. Then the fans first saw their idol in a towel with a bare-chested. The appearance of the singer in such an unusual form caused a heated discussion. Some noted that they had never looked at Philip like this, without the glitz and expensive costumes. Others were slightly disappointed.They began to ask: where are the cubes of the press? And they recommended that he be more attentive to nutrition, they say, it would not hurt to throw off those extra pounds, they add age.

Apparently, Philip decided to listen to the fans. However, the star is no stranger to weight changes: from time to time Kirkorov is forced to go on diets. “My tendency to be overwhelmingly disturbs me in my life, and I constantly struggle with this weight. How? Like Maya Plisetskaya, I do not eat. What is there to do? The recipe is one. When I suddenly stop eating, I become very angry, so I sit at home, closing with a key so as not to break and not be an evil dog. But then I get used to this state, ”he said in an interview.

Although in fact in the diet of the singer is not unusual. Balanced low-calorie meals and absolutely no concessions. Here we have already written about the special weekly menu of Kirkorov, where each meal is described in detail.

Of course, to limit yourself to your favorite "sweets" is not easy. But the result is worth it! The 51-year-old singer is now in great shape, and the compliments that his fans showered on are direct evidence of that.

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