This house is 300 years old, but you just look how cozy it is inside!

Each of us dreams at least a little to live in a small and cozy house somewhere at the very edge of the world. Perhaps, the owners of this property are the happiest people in the world, because they managed to make a real fairy tale out of a house with a 300-year history.

Going inside this house you are literally in another reality. Everything is very homely here and many people would like to stay in it forever and not leave its limits until the end of life. It seems that nothing will reassure you as much as the peaceful atmosphere of this building.

At the entrance we are met by such a cute and small door.

Since the window and door openings are small enough, the interior of the house is made strictly in white tones to give a sense of space.

Here is the master bedroom. Agree that there is a lot of space?

This is a corner of the children's room, which is located on the second floor.

And this is a bed for a child.Baby too spacious, right?

In the corridor on the second floor it was possible to fit even a chair, and in general everything was done very stylish and practical, despite the small size of the house.

Here is the courtyard. Great place to retreat!

And this is a spacious and well-equipped kitchen.

The living room is also very comfortable and spacious.

There is even a fireplace.

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