This Japanese doctor is 105 years old. Here are 5 golden rules that he follows by himself!

Here are other tips from Hinohara:

Think less about healthy eating and sleep, better have fun.

“We all remember how we forgot about food and sleep in childhood, when we were interested. I believe that we can maintain this attitude in adult life. It is better not to tire the body with excessive rules - when to eat lunch, when to go to bed, etc. ”

If you want to live long, lose weight.

“For breakfast, I drink coffee, a glass of milk and orange juice with the addition of a tablespoon of olive oil. Olive oil is good for arteries and provides healthy skin.

For lunch, I have milk and cookies - or nothing, if I'm too busy. I never feel hungry because I devote myself to work.

For dinner, vegetables, some fish with rice and twice a week - 100 grams of lean meat. ”

Do not blindly follow the instructions of the doctor.

“When a doctor recommends that you take a test or go for an operation, ask him if he would advise the same procedure to his wife or children.Contrary to popular belief, doctors can not cure all. So why once again torment a person with operations?

I believe that music and animals help from a therapeutic point of view better than most doctors think. ”

To cope with the pain, have fun.

“Pain is a mystery, and entertainment is the best way to forget about it. If a child has a toothache and you start playing a game with him, he immediately forgets about the pain. Hospitals must satisfy the basic need of patients: everyone wants entertainment.

In the hospital of sv. Luke, we have music therapy, art therapy and even animals. ”

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