This light pastel shade looks gorgeous on brunettes and brown-haired women.

Pastel shades on the hair - this is a great way to update your hair gently. The result is a natural color and smooth transitions from chestnut to, for example, pale pink. Do not be surprised - it is this color that looks best on brunettes and brown-haired women! This combination is prompted by nature itself: blooming pale pink buds on trees with massive brown trunks create a harmonious duet. Just see what the result is:

Ombre technique on the hair using a pink shade looks great on the hair:

And here is an example of complete reincarnation - a pink hue completely covered with brown hair:

On brunettes, pastel pink also looks simply amazing:

You can dilute pastel pink by adding some gold. Then the image will turn bright and summer:

Lovers to completely change their image may like the version with purple and purple strands.

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