Three simple ways to use the old door in the interior of an apartment or house


Corner shelving

Corner shelving of this type will be very convenient in a narrow corridor or a tiny bedroom, which are so famous for the domestic Khrushchev or new buildings with the cheapest apartments.

Note! For such crafts you need a door leaf made of solid wood. Such doors were set, for example, in the Stalinist houses.

To make a corner rack out of the door, it is enough to carefully cut the door along. Shelves in the form of a quarter of a circle or a right-angled triangle can be made from a regular board, and fixed on metal corners. After assembly, paint the product in any color to taste. A good option is to cover the rack with clear varnish.


If you changed the doors in the whole apartment, do not throw them out, but make a screen. This piece of interior is rarely used in modern interiors, but it is quite convenient if you need to cover up some part of the room or simply zone the room.

For the manufacture of a screen of the door will need at least three canvases. Connect them with door hinges with each other and paint the finished product or decorate it differently.

Frame for home photo exhibition

The door with glass or a small frame from the old window can be very simply used as a large-large frame for photos or paintings. This frame will give the interior the desired vintage, a sense of antiquity.

Three simple ways to use the old door in the interior of an apartment or house

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