Tip 2: Addition to the family

First, a woman should always remember that after giving birth, her body is rebuilt again. By themselves, childbirth - stress for the body. The balance of hormones should also return to the state of a non-pregnant woman. And any hormonal change is reflected in the behavior. If a woman realizes that at the moment she is not even quite adequate, then many problems can be avoided. If it seems that the partner is doing everything in spite, wanting to offend, then you should take a breather. Do some business that distracts and calms. Someone soothes cleaning, washing dishes, someone has a shower or a new hairstyle. The main thing is to pause. And after that, having calmed down, consider everything again. And many problems will disappear. It turns out that many universal insults are nothing but a trifle.
Secondly, a man should remember that his wife is now slightly inadequate. And the tears that flow from her eyes for the slightest reason, and even for no reason, are not necessarily a sign of extreme hysteria.Often the woman herself does not understand where these tears in her eyes come from and how to fight them. It is necessary to treat this state of women with sympathy. To try to support her, if possible, to facilitate her entry into the new status of not only the wife, but also the mother.
Thirdly, a woman should not forget that she has a husband. And she still needs him as a woman he loves. Conversations do not need to be reduced only to the child and his state of health. Do not forget to be interested in the affairs of her husband, his thoughts and interests. Need to give him time alone. At least a little, at least sometimes, but such a time must be. A man must feel that he needs his woman after the birth of a child, that he is loved by her.
Fourth, a man should remember that next to him is a woman, not a nanny, a dishwasher, a cook, a cleaning lady, and so on. A woman also needs to relax sometimes. To remind her of this and give pleasure, it will sometimes be enough to take care of the child, and let the woman stay in the bathroom for two hours in a row. And so that nobody and nothing bothered her. Or let go to the hairdresser. Or make your favorite breakfast.
Options to make life easier for each other a lot. And each of them will definitely be rewarded.

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