Tip 2: Fragrant Leftists for the garden and balcony

What is valued levkoy or mattiola gray?

Aroma - the main advantage of the gray-haired Mattiola, which smell of flowering plants after sunset. Unique lace terry flowers. A diverse palette of colors exquisite petal lace brushes. Leucco has a color from pure white, delicate pink to rich bright red and dark purple.

Levkoys practically do not get sick, they are not afraid of the cold, they bloom profusely for up to two months in July-August. Varieties can be selected according to your taste in height (from 30 to 90 cm). Stunted levkoi look great in the balcony boxes, in the curb tape of the flower bed along the garden paths. Tall copies will make a harmonious company of roses and lilies.

How to grow Levkoy?

Levkova - annual plant. Sowing seeds in the soil is carried out in April or early May. Shoots appear during the week. If the seedlings are thickened, then carry out a "cleaning", removing the weaker plants.It is important that in the seedling period in the zone of growth of "babies" cleanliness is maintained and there are no weeds. For the growth of strong seedlings need cool, 10-12 ° C and fresh air. Seedlings watered carefully, as needed. Depending on the habitus of the future levkoev between plants leave a distance of 20x20, 30x30, 40x50.

The site for planting is chosen lit with nutrient soil. You can not plant levkoy after cabbage plants. Use of fresh manure, compost should be avoided. Flowering begins 60-80 days after sowing. Flowers are very responsive to fertilizing with complex fertilizers for flowering plants. In the dry summer, levkoy often and abundantly watered in the phase of formation of inflorescences and at the time of flowering.

Levkoi are not afraid of frost to -5 ° C. Cut flowers stand in a vase for a long time.

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