Tip 2: How to determine the customs duty

Most of the goods sold in stores and in various markets of our country are imported, that is, imported into the territory of the Russian Federation from other states. In turn, in order to control the import of imported products into the country, a Customs Code was developed.
How to determine the customs duty
Please note that in accordance with the Customs Code, and more specifically, Article 70, Customs fees (payments) include: export and import customs duties, value added tax and excise taxes that are levied when importing goods into the territory of any Customs Union.
Use the TNVED data to correctly calculate the customstoll. In turn, the TNVED is a commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity and is a single customs tariff of the Customs Union, a classifier of goods, which was approved by the heads of 3 states on November 27, 2009, and from January 1, 2010 entered into action.
Note that the TNVED codes are divided into sections (21) and groups (97), and also consist of ten characters. Next, you need to choose the code TNVED (customs nomenclature of foreign economic activity), which will correspond to the imported products. At the same time, in the description of each individual code, the respective interest rates of customs duty and VAT are given. Thus, you can easily determine your interest rate of duty and the VAT rate.
Multiply the customs duty rate per unit price. Then multiply the resulting value by the amount of available goods.
Enter the data on customs duty in the cargo customs documentation (declaration of the CCD). Further, on the basis of this document, it will be necessary to pay money to the state budget. After all, the calculation of customs duties is necessary for the calculation of the customs payment.
Please note that the customs payment is equal to the amount of customs duty and VAT. In this case, VAT should be charged not only with the purchase price of imported products, but also with the calculated amount of customs duty. Thus, it will be returnable.That is, when filing a similar tax return for the year of income, the amount of customs VAT will be returned to the payer.

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