Tip 2: How to keep a beautiful breast shape for life

The most popular method now is the surgeon's knife, it can work wonders. But any surgery on the chest is fraught with negative consequences: difficulties with feeding future children, the possibility of developing cancer, complications after surgery.

But there is a simpler way to preserve the ideal forms of the breast. However, he does not require any money or great effort. This is the right water treatments and a small gym.

What causes breast shape

The shape of the breast spoils the woman during pregnancy and lactation. Volumes increase, and then decrease. In this case, the skin loses its elasticity, the muscles are not fully tightened. To avoid this, you must follow a few rules.

Avoid hot water.Long-term baths, saunas have a negative effect on the shape of the breast. But a cool shower, on the contrary, contributes to a better blood supply and muscle tone.

Buy good clothes. Bad underwear, poor-quality or poorly chosen bra also negatively affects the form. It is better to wear good materials and the form of linen, which emphasizes your dignity to the maximum.

Try to sunbathe less. Chest should not be exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation. It can damage the skin, cause burns, and later oncology.

How to keep a beautiful chest

Do simple exercises for the chest every day. Raise your arms above your head and squeeze your fists tightly. You will feel your chest muscles tense. You can also push up from the wall, also using these muscle groups. Perform such exercises need 10-20 times daily. And the results will be in a month.

Do a breast skin massage after a shower. Rubbing have pleasant sensations and contribute to blood flow. Such actions also have a good effect on the muscles.

Every time you carry something in your hands, several times lift the weight to chest level. It will strain the right muscles. But it is better to do for both hands, and not just for one.

With a large chest do not go without a bra. Lingerie helps withstand gravity.

The beauty of a woman is largely in her hands Just a few minutes a day will keep it for long.

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