Tip 2: Where can I get a loan on a passport?

���This raises the question of where you can quickly get a loan on a passport in cash without a certificate of income, which today is an advanced product in popularity in the financial sector.
The answer would seem to be very simple, namely:
- commercial Bank;
- credit union;
- pawnshop;
- other organizations that issue cash loans and have legal grounds for it.
And now more about the procedure for preparing and issuing such loans. The standard package of documents includes a passport of an individual, sometimes a second document to choose from: driver's license, pension certificate, passport, vehicle ownership certificate (PTS), state pension insurance certificate of insurance and a questionnaire, which is filled in by the client or the manager of the organization customer
The rules for filling out the questionnaire, or rather the information that is important when deciding whether or not to issue a loan to a given borrower:
- it is important to indicate not only the main income, but also additional, if this is the case;
- it is necessary to indicate the presence in the property of movable and immovable property (positive characteristic of a potential borrower);
- always a positive aspect is the presence of a positive credit history;
- it is necessary to paint the existing loans indicating the initial loan amount, the annual interest rate, the balance to date and the monthly payment in the loan currency (this requirement is not always necessary)
Requirements of lenders to potential customers in the field of lending:
1. The minimum age for obtaining a loan is between 20 and sometimes from 25 years;
2. The maximum age at the time of termination of the loan is up to 60 or up to 65 years (pensioners are not always credited);
3. You must have at least two or three contact numbers - home, mobile or work;
The real rate on cash loans ranges from 15 to 65 percent or more per annum. The manager of the organization who prepares the package of documents is obliged to notify the client about all his expenses for the entire time of using the loan.
The term of consideration of these loan applications ranges from one hour to a week in some cases.
Therefore, if you decide to take a cash loan without a certificate of income, learn about all the intricacies of processing and terms of consideration until submission of documents to the organization, in order not to remain without a timely loan, when it is very urgently needed.

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