Tip 3: World Cup 2014 football: how was the game Japan - Colombia

Colombians and Japanese entered the field of the Brazilian city of Cuiabá on June 24th. South Americans have already secured access to the decisive stage of the tournament. The whole question was what final place in group C Colombia would take. The rivals were already known. The first in the next group were the players of Costa Rica, and the second team of Uruguay.

The game was very slow. The national team of Colombia in the starting lineup exposed only three main players. But this did not fundamentally affect the quality of the game. Despite the fact that the Japanese owned the ball most of the time of the first half, the account was opened by South Americans. On the 16th minute, Cuadrado from the penalty spot changed the numbers on the scoreboard. 1 - 0 led by Colombians.

The Japanese in the attacking actions turned out a bit. It can be noted several shots from the standards on goal Goalkeeper Colombians. Punched Honda, but this did not lead to the capture of the gate South Americans.

However, the Asians still played in the last seconds of the half. Okazaki after giving Honda struck the gate of the national team of Colombia. Thus, the teams went on a break with an equal score - 1 - 1.

The second half, the Colombians began to attack. Already in the 55th minute of the match, Martinez sent the second ball into the goal of Asians. Jackson shot into the far corner of the penalty area, leaving no chance of the Japanese goalkeeper.

After another missed ball, the Japanese tried to transfer the game to half the field of Colombians. Sometimes Asians got promising attacks, but it didn't come to a goal that was scored.

Colombians played on the counter. One of those in the 82nd minute led to the third goal scored. Jackson Martinez issued a double. An attacker on the backswing in the penalty area removed the Japanese defender and sent the ball to the far corner of the Asians' goal with the most accurate round stroke. 3 - 1 led Colombia.

In the 90th minute, Rodriguez set the final crushing score. He, having beaten the defender of Japan in the penalty area, threw an Asian goalkeeper with an elegant blow.

The final result of the meeting 4 - 1 in favor of Colombia. South Americans are moving from first place in Group C to the championship playoffs, showing by their play that not only Brazilian and Argentine teams can be considered favorites of the tournament.Many experts can express the idea that Colombians show the highest quality and spectacular football in the championship.

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