Tissue and cardboard box - quickly and easily

Box of cloth and cardboard- quickly and easily - a master class, we do our own storage box, such boxes are sold in stores, but it is much more pleasant to do it with your own hands.

Materials and tools:

  1. cardboard;
  2. cotton fabric;
  3. thread.

Step 1

For a box of 15x15 cm and a height of 10 cm, you need 30x40 cm of cardboard and 40x50 cm of fabric.

Cut out cardboard: 2 squares (bottom) 15x15 cm, 4 side panels - 15x10 cm. From the fabric we cut 2 squares for the bottom, adding 1.5 cm from the edges. Then lay the side rectangles on the fabric with an interval of 2 mm between them, also add 1.5 cm at the edges and cut out.

With a case for a box inside out. Take 1 part of the bottom and side rectangle, first sew the bottom, and then sew with the side. Remove the cover.

Take one piece of cardboard bottom and put it in the case, in the same way we "install" the walls of the box and wrap the case inside the box.

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