To dream of a dish: what a dream predicts

To dream of a dish is a good sign that predicts wealth, a profitable completion of affairs. But it is worth paying attention to what material the dishes are, whether it is full or empty, whole or not. With the help of such details, our dreams warn us of impending events.

What portend the plates in a dream for the Women's dream book

A plate with a daily meal in a dream for a woman predicts peace in the family, a calm atmosphere at home, respect and understanding of her husband. For an unmarried girl to dream of a dish means to get a marriage proposal soon.

If the dishes are small, smooth, then the future marriage will be even and calm; deep bowls, especially if they are with a complex pattern, predict some difficulties at the beginning of marriage that can be resolved in a positive direction.

Gypsy dream book: pay attention to the material

To dream in a lot of plastic plates - to domestic problems, but high-quality ceramic or glass dishes - to respect and understandinghousehold members.

Small Veles dream

This famous dream book interprets the image of the plates in the dream to the appearance of guests. Empty dishes predict material problems for them, a difficult material period. Broken - a family scandal or quarrel. But if in a dream you collected and carried out the fragments of dishes, then the consequences of a quarrel will not be and it will be quickly forgotten.

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