To make the meat grinder knives not blunt

Incredibly simple advice, thanks to which your meat grinder will serve a very long time without sharpening knives. It's enough to observe the simplest rule when re-assembling the meat grinder, which will save the cutting edges of the blades from blunting.

That the knives of the meat grinder are not dull for long

Let's start with the fact that the new meat grinder knives have an ideal flat surface and the best the way fit together. During the grinding of meat between knives there is a minimum gap, through which the product does not enter and meat is cut with sharp edges with minimal effort. So that the meat grinder knives are not blunt
When the product is twisted, you disassemble and wash the parts of the meat grinder as usual.
So that the meat grinder knives are not blunt
And now it should be noted that even after one time, a development appears on the knife-grid. Here is the outer side:
To the knives meat grinders are not dull
And the inner one, which was in contact with a cross-shaped knife.And there are clearly visible traces of friction and development.
To ensure that the meat grinder knives do not get blunt
The main advice is this: the knife-grid cannot be turned over during the whole operation prior to regrinding. That is, after rinsing, you must put back the knife-grid also with the rubbed side to the cross-shaped knife. This is important! The fact is that in the process of working on both knives, production appears, not even, but on both surfaces of the knives. As a result, the knives are well lapped to each other, despite the unevenness between their planes. And if you accidentally turn the grid over with a new side to the cross knife, then their surfaces will no longer be as touching as they should, due to the fact that the cross-shaped knife has a wave-like development, the pattern of which corresponds only to the developed side of the knife-grid. As a result, meat will start to get into this gap, as a result of which it will not cut, but will tear, which will lead to blunting of the knives. Here's a simple tip that will save your knives and extend them to the maximum working time until the next sharpening.

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