Only owners of “Khrushchev’s houses” can retool a kitchen in this way.

The old five-story buildings, named after the head of state, who decided to provide people with affordable housing, cannot be called the most comfortable housing. But at the time of construction, the engineers tried to take into account all the peculiarities of the everyday life of the Soviet man. In the 1950s, an electric refrigerator was a luxury, not a basic necessity, so the builders went to the trick and made a thin-walled area in the kitchens.

Place work areas near the window

Today, there are cooling devices in each apartment, so you can find a free space under the windowsill more useful function.

The size of the kitchen in the houses of the old fund leaves much to be desired. Replace the sill with a countertop, placing a working area or a sink under the window itself.

Add a room of heat or light

In a cold apartment, the issue of heating is particularly acute.Niche - a great place to accommodate an additional heating radiator.


Keep everything you need here.

And the easiest way is to organize storage space under the window. If you want the "refrigerator" to retain its properties, make the insulation outside. For this fit a plastic window instead of the door.

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